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Photo by Michael Krueger

MOSE ALLISON Concert Dates 2004

January 2-4
Blues Alley, Washington, DC.

February 7
GLT Jazz Masters, Illinois State Univ., Normal, Ill.

February 19-21
Lincoln Center, NYC.

March 2-7
Jazz Bakery, Helms Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

March 20-29
Pizza Express,
London, England

April 27-May 2
Iridium, NYC.

May 12-13
Belushe's Bar & Grill, Tucson, AZ

May 14-15
Buckets, Scottsdale, AZ

May 17
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico, CA

May 19-20
West End Bar & Grill, Sacramento, CA

May 21
Moody's Bistro & Lounge
Truckee, CA

June 4
Rochester, New York

June 5
Earlville, New York

June 11-12
Louisville, Kentucky

June 13
Dayton, Ohio

June 15 - 20
Jazz Alley
Seattle Washington

July 21
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

July 24
Marblehead, Massachusetts

July 27
Mood, Connecticut

August 14
Camerillo, CA

August 20
The Baxter Hotel
Bozeman, MT

August 22
Kalispelle, MT

August 24
The Panida Theatre
Sandpoint, ID

August 25
The Center Stage Theatre
Spokane, WA

August 27
Breadline Cafe
Omak, WA

August 28
Tric City Traditional Jazz Association
Kennewick, WA

September 2-6
Blues Alley
Washington DC

September 10
Van Dyke's
Schenectady, NY

September 11
Iron Horse,
North Hampton, MA

September 12
Wound Socket, RI

September 17-19
The Artist Quarter
St. Paul, MN

September 24-25
Snug Harbor
New Orleans, LA

October 4 - 12
Pizza Express

October 21
Grass Valley, CA

October 22-24
19 Broadway Niteclub
Fairfax , CA
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October 29-30
Cambridge, MA

November 2 -7
Iridium Club
New York, NY

November 10-11
Night Town,
Cleveland, OH

November 12
Jamestown, NY

November 19-20 -
New Hope, PA

December 3-4
Jazz Corner
Hilton Head, SC

December 7-12
The Jazz Showcase
Chicago, IL.

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