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RIP Mose - 11-Nov-1927 - 15-Nov-2016 (89)

We Will Miss You

Mose Allison

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Check Out Mose in the
De Niro Film "The Score"

Mose in - The Score
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A taster for the BBC film "Ever Since I Stole the Blues."
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Mose Allison Listening Room

Mose Jazz Profiles from NPR

Mose Interview at 'All About Jazz'

Mose on the Menu

Mose Lyric Room (more to come)


Tell Me Something - Mose Allison

5 Stars
Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison Mose Allison (Tribute), Van Morrison - Various Artists

Read the Tell Me lyrics


Van Morrison On Tour




The Way of The World

Produced by Joe Henry

SPECIAL- Listen to Track One - My Bra

Order Now:
Way of the World

Check Out Mose in the this wonderful Book + CD set Containing the best, and some of the rarest LP covers produced over the long history of the Prestige label.


Mose Allison on Prestige
Mose Allison Sings: Rudy Van Gelder Remasters
Release date: 07.18.06
Label: Prestige





"When I discovered Mose Allison I felt I had discovered the missing link between jazz and blues"
Ray Davies


"The manís voice was heaven. So cool, so decisively hip... Mose was my man. I felt him to be the epitome of restrained screaming power."
Pete Townshend


"For over thirty years, this premier songwriter, singer and pianist has stared down the oncoming doom, peppering his idiosyncratic blend of jazz and blues with mordant wit and unflinching honesty."
Village Voice

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Hardcover Edition

One Man's Blues: The Life and Music of Mose Allison


Mose Allison : Ever Since I Stole The Blues from Paul Bernays

NEA Jazz Moments with Mose Allison

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One Man's Blues: The Life and Music of Mose Allison


Mose Performs at Ground Zero
Mose Performs at Ground Zero

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Mose at the Rialto Theater
Tucson, Arizona
.Mose at the Riallto Theater

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